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This acrylic felt is very popular for card tables and displays. It is around half the price of the much thicker Baize that is used for pool tables and can be used for a variety of purposes.


It has been used several times to simulate grass for model railways and for a variety of crafting purposes, making toys, wrapping up jigsaw puzzles and so on...


You can use small amounts under furniture legs when moving settees around so that they don't mark the floors and can slide more easily. 


We mainly sell green and red, other colours are available however the wholesale prices have gone crazy in recent months and so now we only stock it if you need 5 metres or more...


Most of our customers only want half metres and it takes a long time to sell so, sadly, like the plush fur we have decided not to stock it any longer...


The width is 150cms/60 inches.


Recommended hand washable with care.

Green acrylic felt.

1 Meter
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