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We started our business in 1945 selling wools. In the 1980's our stall mainly sold a variety of beautiful pure wools and wool blends for jackets, skirts and heavy coats; if you wanted mohair, alpaca, vicuna or cashmere we would probably have it. Times and fashions changed though, people gradually stopped wearing wool coats and so we moved more into furnishing and curtain fabrics...


We have a variety of checked dress and furnishing fabrics from £5.99 per metre onwards. These days reasonably priced wools are hard to find, we mainly sell wool mixes, they are usually around 30% wool onwards.


Our wool mix fabrics range from £12.99 up to £18.99 per metre, very good value if you consider that many websites are selling wool mixes and pure wools from around £40 onwards and up to £120 per metre! 

This is a very small selection of our best selling wools with more designs on our market stall and new designs coming in every few weeks.

Wools can be used for clothing such as coats, jackets and skirts and also for curtains and upholstery as you can see in some of the pictures below and on the customer projects page. The heavier/thicker weights are very popular for making door curtains to keep the heat inside!

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