Suitable for all types of crafting, upholstery, bags, school notice boards, viking outfits! and much more, this is a strong, coarse tight weave fabric.


Weaves, shade variations and weights may be slightly different from time to time depending on the stock in the warehouses, the more open weaves are better suited for rag rug making for example.

Most of our customers buy hessian for upholstery, displays and bags so we usually stock a heavier weight. It is especially popular in the summer months for rustic wedding themes...


Sadly, as we are all experiencing, the prices of everyday items have gone up massively and our hessian has had to go up by over a pound in recent weeks due to our suppliers continually raising their prices. If you need several metres for displays or similar we can offer a small discount. You may also like to consider using our muslin fabric as a cheaper alternative... 🙂


100% Jute.


Width is 140cms/54 inches.


Recommended to wash before use. Warm hand wash. Hang to dry.

Heavy loom state hessian

1 Meter