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This 3 pass cream blackout lining is used in hotels all around the world...


It is lovely and soft, has thermal and energy saving properties helping to keep the heat in during the winter and will stop those pesky streetlights and sunshine from disturbing your sleep!


As an added benefit it has excellent sound insulation and will also protect your fabrics and furnishings from fading. The majority of our customers who are having curtains made by us are choosing blackout lining for peace of mind. For an extra couple of pounds per metre it's well worth the investment!


If you have young children who wake up early during the summer or you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day then this is ideal for you! 


In the pictures you can see that we have made a wool check door curtain lined with the thermal blackout for added warmth and heat retention. The lining gathers and folds back easily unlike the older type linings which were much stiffer.


As the fabric is 140cms/54 inches wide you may be able to turn it sideways on wide but shorter windows to save having to join it. You can either line your curtains and blinds or attach it to velcro so it can be taken off when necessary.


Recommended 30 degree delicates wash, dry clean or hand wash with care. Test a small piece beforehand. Whilst our lining is washable we can't guarantee that your existing curtains will be...


Made from recycled polyester so more environmentally friendly.

Super soft thermal blackout lining.

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