Available in 12 colours* this waterproof fabric is suitable for outdoor seating, dining chair covers, canopies, windbreaks and also for seating in boats. A customer has also made a beautiful bag with the grey colour. You can see a large outdoor seating area in the beige shade, the customer is delighted!


If you have pets then it's ideal to cover the floor or carpet and put cat litter trays or food and water bowls on it, if kittens and puppies are making a mess then it's easily wipeable. The fabric can be sponged clean with warm water and washing up liquid and dries quickly.


Several customers are also covering their outdoor tables usually buying between 2 to 3 metres.

A very versatile fabric!


The width is 152 cms/61 inches so slightly wider than most standard furnishing fabrics.


We currently have silver, beige/taupe, navy, moss green and a lovely new wine shade in stock in large quantities. Brown has also been very popular, currently sold out on our stall but available to order.


If you would like a different colour in the range we can order it for you within a couple of days. Minimum order would be 6 metres if a colour isn't currently in stock.


*Please note that the photos don't always represent the true colours due to computer and phone screens. I have tried to show various swatches to give a general idea.


There is a foam stall on the market who can offer a reasonably priced cushion making service if necessary.


The fabric is a tough durable polyester weave.


Similar fabrics can range in suitability and durability, from water resistant, water repellent and up to a hard wearing waterproof weave such as this.


Wipe or sponge clean with warm water. Don't use bleach.


Fabrics may fade slightly over time when exposed to direct bright sunlight.


As an alternative to this, we also sell our Slight Stretch fabric at £8.99 per metre for outdoor furniture. Whilst it isn't waterproof it is hard wearing and machine washable.

Waterproof outdoor fabric.

1 Meter